Lease Application & Information

Policies and Procedures for Lease of Condo Units
Policy: A condo unit may be leased by the owner once per calendar year        
            for a minimum of one (1) month. The start date of the lease 
            determines the calendar year.
Procedures for seeking rental approval:
1..An Avalon Lease Application form must be completely filled out by the potential lessee at least 15 days prior to the start date of the lease. The background authorization form also must be completed.
2..A copy of the lease along with a non-refundable $100 lease application fee and full background check(s) ($50 per applicant) must be attached to the completed application. Check made payable to Avalon at Pelican Bay.
3..Lease application, lease copy, and check is to be sent or delivered to:
Eagle Property Management
P.O. Box 112260
Naples, FL 34108 
4..After review by the Management Co. and the Avalon Rental Committee, the owner or owner’s agent will be advised by phone of the approval (disapproval) of the application. If approved, the owner or owner’s agent will also receive written notice of the approval by US Mail. This written notice will be the Condominium/Homeowners Association Approval Of Tenants Form. This approval form will be needed when the owner/agent registers the tenant(s) with the Pelican Bay Foundation (see below).
5..After the written Approval Of Tenants form is received( see #4 above), the owner or owner’s agent must submit a Pelican Bay Foundation  Lease Application Form to the Pelican Bay Foundation. This form can be obtained from the Foundation, or can be downloaded from their website: A non-refundable $250 fee is charged by the Foundation.